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Jun 24, 2008

In the Name of Progress

WOW has it been a busy few days at my house! My mother and Youngest Sis came to visit for a while with the express intention of jump-starting the nursery transformation. I have never been more productive in my life, I think (and that's saying something having just finished boards!) and it was awesome. Youngest Sis was a total rock star, helping me move stuff all over the place. My mom also achieved rock star status by brainstorming and problem solving for three days straight. Patrick showed off his Best Husband in the Known Universe skillz by cooking for us women the whole time and being very handsome whilst not disagreeing with anything I wanted.

We took out all the furniture that was in that room, which included two desks, a full-sized air hockey table, and a bookshelf. Then we moved a sofa and a wardrobe into the room, along with a bench that will hopefully serve as a toy chest. We made a space for the crib, rocker, and changing table. This whole process also included clearing out two years of med school notes, which was very liberating, although they just went to the basement and not to the bonfire like I really wanted.

Other accomplishments of note: The crib has been purchased and is on its way. The changing table is in the box, but is in the room. The diaper bag is en route to the house. The registry is nearly finished. All of The Best Nephew Ever's baby clothes are folded and hung according to size and season in the nursery. We moved around all of our furniture and re-purposed some things to make room in our house for the Turnip. I'm not due until the end of September/beginning of October, but I don't have much other time to get ready. I'm SO grateful for the time and energy my family put into moving everything around and getting us set.

A special note of thanks to Andrew (Pater Familias to these puppies and adorable toddler), who is not only a genius but also a patient and very, very good friend. He came over to help us shuffle things around and ended up making several fabulous suggestions and didn't even complain when Patrick nearly killed him by dropping the sofa on him while they were moving it upstairs. I hope that everyone has a friend as good as Andrew!

26 weeks today! This is a most unnatural shape for a human...
26 weeks

[FYI, those are not stretch marks. Not yet, anyway. Instead they are evidence of my recently completed nap wrapped up in a very snuggly blanket. And my poor photography skills.]

3 Readers rock!:

marymartha said...

You still look so skinny! Tiny girl!

marymartha said...

Actually it looks like you have a "Lee's press on belly"! LOL

(um like Lee's press on nails... if no one got my obscure reference...)

Dragonfly said...

To paraphrase from Michelle Au several years ago...."yay, the muffin is viable outside the uterus now".