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Jun 8, 2008

Laptop Tango

Because all of my study materials are online, I am spending quite a bit of time these days on my computer. I have disabled my Google email notifier, hidden all of my bookmarks, and tried to reduce the internet distraction as much as possible so that when I'm studying, I study. Then when I take a break, I can do so without The Guilt.

However, there is one little distraction that keeps popping up. Yesterday, when I was home studying, I had my laptop propped on my belly. The Turnip apparently didn't like the extra pressure or heat or whatever and routinely kicked and punched it off of its precarious perch. My friend John thinks that he's going to be a Kung Fu master based on his ultrasound pictures, and this is certainly evidence to support that theory!

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~Ashley said...

awe, how cute! he's just beginning to try to keep you from studying ;) i'd say come novemberish, you'll be wishing for the kicks from inside again instead of the new antics he'll make up to distract you with