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Jun 3, 2008


I'm rather copying this post by Jen at Postcards from Portland in the style and content of this entry, but today is my wedding anniversary. We are putting off celebrating until after my boards (have I mentioned that I have an exam coming up?) and instead I am spending this night, the anniversary of my epic and monumental (or not) marriage to Patrick all those years ago, in my pajamas with my hair piled on top of my head fretting about questions from a question bank and occasionally calling to Patrick to bring me something to eat. Boy, did he ever get lucky in marrying me.

Living the Dream!
wedding 3
wedding 2

On another note, thanks for all the encouragement. Seriously, you guys are the best and I love you. I'd marry you if I weren't otherwise occupied feverishly chewing on mechanical pencils and tirelessly putting wrinkles in my forehead. Oh, and already married.

7 Readers rock!:

Me! said...

Awww, Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple! :)
As I have said before, I LOVE that photo of your in your dress. YOu look like a movie star!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Awww... happy anniversary!! You'll have plenty of time to celebrate after the boards :)

GOOD LUCK with the studying -- every time I look into the library on my way to work I think of you :)

Sarah said...

You were a beautiful bride!! ANd PAtrick wasn't bad either. Kep working hard - it is close and I am thinking about you.

marymartha said...

Great photos. You both are so gorgeous you could be cake toppers!!!!
Good luck w/ everything... I feel your pain too!!!
(I got up and cried in the shower, it helps AND it reduces the puffiness around the eyes....)

Dr. A said...

Happy Anniversary!

Laurie said...

Happy belated anniversary to my favorite older sister and bro - in law. Good luck on the test that shall not be named.


Jen said...

great pictures, congrats ;)