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Jun 5, 2008

Plan of Attack

To do tonight:

Figure out the lung and all the stupid math that goes with it.
Figure out the kidney and all the stupid acid-base stuff that goes with it.
Figure out Neurology, regardless of how stupidly complicated it is.
Figure out the brachial plexus, along with the vasculature/arterial/muscular components of the extremities.

To do tomorrow:

Try to raise my practice question average.
Try not to go nuts.

Do-able, right? It'll work out, right?


2 Readers rock!:

~Ashley said...

Don't sweat anatomy so much-- I memorized like, all the muscles, all the actions, attachments, went back through the ateries and nerves..... memorizing the brachial plexis IS a good idea though. I can't remember much about lung/kidney stuff. My test didn't have much Neuro on it, but I saw some other people's tests as I walked by, and at least know those stinking stupid slices of the brainstem, blah. GOOD LUCK! It will be ok :)

marymartha said...

here it is in a nutshell.
Brain stem = reptilian (snake brain) oldest system controls autonomic responses (breathing, etc)
then you got the limbic system which houses emotions: when meeting w/ adversity limbic does the four F's
fight, flight, feed, f#ck...
the prefrontal cortex the newest section: executive functioning: time management, reasoning etc..
When we are overly stimulated the limbic overrules the prefrontal thus emotion overrules judgement. In ADHD kids that's where the meds come in, they calm the limbic letting the prefrontal cortex operate....
Sorry its a bit longwinded.
Anyway hope this helped...
you will be fine. You have a lovely prefrontal cortex!
Just remember to keep the limbic region calm so you can use the pfc!!!
love you,