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Jul 10, 2008


Allow me to share with you my personal misery:

Take a musician (even though I'm not professional anymore, I'll always be a musician) and make each of her ears hear different pitches for the same sound. Then add in a little reverberation, an echo, to all sounds. Finally, change the pressure in her ears so that she has a constant headache and muffle everything so that even if everything else weren't wonky it would still be annoying, and you've got one unhappy lady.

I ruptured at least one of my eardrums last night, maybe both. I am not pleased. Thus, THERE WILL BE NO HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD.

And now I'm scheduled to go look at a day care. If the place is still standing when I leave, I'm going to take that as evidence that I should be sainted.

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2 Readers rock!:

Xavier! said...

(Does that at least mean that you get some antibiotics?)

Dude, that stinks. Totally stinks. Hope you feel waaaayy better soon!!

Alykat said...

Oh no! How awful! Can you hear out of that ear at all? :(