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Jul 16, 2008

Learning Experience

After our Rock Star Road Trip yesterday, today was our first true day in Florida with my mother. I'm here until NEXT Friday, because someone up there loves me. My sister and her fams are here until next Thursday. Patrick will join us on Saturday, when the Baby Mama, Best Nephew Ever, and bro-in-law head a little north of here to continue vacation with my father. I am currently resisting the urge to look up the word "awesome" in as many languages as I can think of.

My camera didn't want to work today on the beach, so I only got one pic that is worth sharing. However, it pretty much sums up how fun life is when you're a year old, adorable, and in Florida.

Day 1

Another malfunction of the day was my sunscreen. My SPF 50 sunscreen. FIFTY. Observe:

wonky sunburn

Is that the most ridiculous sunburn you've ever seen? The problem is that the sunscreen was the spray kind, which I applied outside on the beach. With the breeze from the ocean - see what happened? The ocean breeze STOLE MY SUNSCREEN! But only some of it.

Also, please don't make fun of how pale I am. I have spent way too much time studying skin cancer to allow myself to see the sunlight.

More tomorrow...

2 Readers rock!:

Kipper's Mommy said...

Hope you have a wonderful vacation - sounds like it's off to a great start! Lots of love to you all!

Kate and Andrew said...

We who are newly re-initiated into the work force salute you...we are extremely jealous of your lovely vacation :) And we can't believe you're so far along! Turnip is doing awesome!