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Jul 28, 2008


I'm getting soft in my old age - or maybe in my 3rd trimester.

I just read this article about one Mr. Fred Rogers and it made me all misty and nostalgic. I remember watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood with my sisters when they were younger and wondering if this guy was for real. And then I remember finding out that he actually was for real - and, oddly, my teenage-angst ridden self took great comfort in that fact. I hope the Turnip can have such role models, ones who teach tolerance above all else, that "God loves you just as you are", and kindness and respect for all living things. Also that cardigans are a staple of a wardrobe and that music degrees are a good starting place for anyone or anything.

On a completely unrelated note, as of this evening I am CPR certified, so I can perform potentially life-saving CPR if you were to need it. AND, after reading this article, we will probably be purchasing the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Complete Box Set in the near future. My house just got a lot cooler.

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