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Jul 27, 2008

Normal (or Somthing Like It)

Apologies that the posting has been so sporadic and totally Nephew-Centric the past few weeks. Being away from home, having spotty internet, and constant Best Nephew Ever companionship will do that. We are back in Lex, finally, and have just returned home from our very first BABY SHOWER.

I have to admit it: I was terrified. I spent an hour and a half trying to find something to wear. My attitude for maternity clothes is generally not to amplify the already unmistakable bump. However, I thought that if these nice people are going to throw a party in honor of the pregnancy, the LEAST I can do is show up looking pregnant. Right? Anyway, it was a little painful trying to find something that was both Pretty and Pregnant as well as Not Obscene. This wardrobe crisis was really just a mask to hide the fact that, regardless of the fact that I am 7 and 1/2 months pregnant, the whole thing still creeps me out a little. So the idea of going to a place where that is all people want to talk or hear about, plus with a cake with my name on it and little booties, was slightly scary. Okay, seriously, it was CRIPPLING. PARALYZING. BONE-CHILLING.

Maybe it wasn't quite that bad. But I was nervous. To be sure.

But it was lovely. The party was thrown by and for my class, full of such lovely people that I really had nothing to worry about. They were as nervous as I was about the party, being that my class is pretty young and with few offspring, no one really knew what to do or expect. They did a great job and it was a great time. I am now exhausted but full of cake and with a getting-full nursery. The Turnip and I are lucky folk.

It was also hilarious to see some of my friends of the male persuasion at a baby shower. Patrick came too, so to see all of these smarty-pants boys with their nose in a diaper sniffing out candy bar smells absolutely made all the nervousness disappear. Boys and Baby Showers - perhaps there's a reason that the parties are mostly women...

A good friend was the official photographer for the party, so I hope to have some pictures soon. If nothing else, you have to see the cake - MAN it was cute. And those booties tasted really good.

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