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Jul 9, 2008


The household illness continues unabated, I'm afraid. I went to Student Health this morning for a strep screen. After another horrible night's sleep, I was praying for it to be positive so that I could treat it already. No such "luck". Negative strep screen = suck it up and stick it out. But that's good for my chances of developing rheumatic heart disease and needing a new valve or of the Turnip suffering any ill effects of the medication. Instead, just misery. Hm. Thanks, modern medicine.

I came home and went back to sleep, just as soon as I convinced Patrick that he was too sick to work. He brought his computer home and went to bed. I parked myself over the air conditioning vent with a down comforter within arm's reach, since I have alternating chills and fever. Patrick woke up from his sleep a bit ago by coughing so hard the cat attacked him, perhaps thinking he'd been possessed by a ghost or something. Difficult to say with cats. The dogs don't know what to do and keep pacing back and forth between us, though for Sally this is difficult as she's terrified of the stairs during daylight hours (nuts, that one). So she paces between me and the stairs, while Myra goes all out and keeps popping up and down checking on everyone.

We're a fun household, let me tell you.

Meanwhile, I've been passing the time by utilizing this fabulous tool: Hulu. Free movies and TV shows all the time. Awesome. I was reminded of if by Michelle - thanks for helping me pass the time!

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