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Aug 15, 2008


This afternoon our Fabulous Dog Walker invited me to escape my house for a little bit and join her and five of her charges on a walk! So Myra and Sally and I hopped in the car (well, Sally was more tossed in and forced to cooperate, poor terrified thing) and met her and the pooches at the park for some sunshine. Lessons from today's outing:

1. I could never be a dog walker.

I spent entirely too much energy worrying about the leashes becoming tangled or who's wrapping around my leg. I repeatedly missed the fact that someone else was approaching or that the path was bending and required a course adjustment because I was instead focused on unwrapping myself from the leash braid that the pups had made. Or I would get super focused on one dog and kind of tune out the rest of them. In short, I am too much of a Type A control freak to be a dog walker.

2. The FDW is a saint.

Even the worst dog that was in attendance today still listened and obeyed her commands because she treats them all with respect and love in addition to authority. I would have given up and gone home within the first ten minutes when the leashes were a mess, the dogs were tangled and hyper, and I was already sweating (though it was in the low 80s). Luckily, she was blessed with more patients than me and we sat in the grass, worked out the leash mess, got everyone and drink and a snack, and went on our merry way like this happens all the time. Because, apparently, it does.

3. We are super, duper, extra lucky to have snagged her.

Myra and Sally were over the moon to see the FDW and their pup friends again. It made me feel guilty for keeping them away from their "pack" all summer (and now all fall) when I was off. Sally, who has never really warmed to other dogs with me around, weaved herself all in and out of these Labradors like they were litter mates. I was so impressed. It occurred to me that perhpas I don't know everything about my dogs. I wonder it I'll have similar experiences with the Turnip - like be corrected by the day care teacher about my kid's personality or tastes or habits, simply because they are around him more than me. I wonder if I'll be impressed by that, as I am with the FDW and Sally, or if I'll be offended and feel guilty.

Because she's awesome, she invited us to join her again and next time, I'm definitely taking the camera. The whole thing was very impressive (and probably terrifying to onlookers), but there was a leash knot that would have made a sailor cry for his mother. In the future, there will be photographic proof of this woman's hand-eye coordination and unwavering patience. Do you know how infuriating leash knots can be?

(Disclaimer 1: The FDW is updating her website, so check back for more details on her services, as well as videos, pictures, etc. In the meantime, you can still find her basic information there if you need a pet sitter or dog walker!)

(Disclaimer 2: I've posted this picture before, but this dog was there today and was super sweet, so I thought she deserved another few minutes of internet glory. Also, look how cute Sally is!)

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Tiffany said...

I love this line: "but there was a leash knot that would have made a sailor cry for his mother." HA!