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Aug 23, 2008


I have reached another rather undesirable milestone in this pregnancy. See for yourself:

Rings Necklace

I haven't worn my engagement ring in a week or so, but today I couldn't get my wedding band off, which made me feel all claustrophobic, so I stuck my hand in ice and soaped it up. When it did come off, I was afraid to put it back on. So, here we are.

I have had an extremely uneventful pregnancy, all things considered. Nothing to even really talk about. I have gained a little more weight than I wanted, but I started out a little low, so it doesn't matter. I haven't been able to stay as active as I wanted, but it's just motivated me to get moving as soon as the little bugger gives me my body back. Today I swear I had pitting edema, but it was just a little bit and I couldn't duplicate it later. I am extremely lucky, all in all and in so many ways.

Last night I went to see my friend and former co-worker in the hospital, where she'd just delivered her new, first baby. I have to say, I was green with envy. Though she was all medicated and sore, exhausted from her lo-o-ong day, she was so happy and, specifically, she was holding her baby in her arms. HER ARMS, see, instead of her belly. Oooh, I was so jealous.

5 Readers rock!:

Artemis said...

Be careful what you wish for - as frustrated as you may be with the pregnancy, your baby will never be easier to take care of than he is right now :)

Hang in there!


Mary Martha said...

Thank goodness you didn't have pitting edema or spitting edema or sitting edema or s&itting edema....

spika said...

I've read all your blog in a couple of days (just a thing I do when I'm bored) :) and I love it

It's so honest and joyful, and it's good to know that there are people out there in med school that do more than just study :) (I'm in med school myself, in the third year -just passed to the fourth- in Portugal)

I'm so excited for you and turnip :) makes me have one myself (oh well, in some years maybe)

Congratulations :) I'll keep following the blog, just thought you would like to know that your blog has reached the other side of the Atlantic ocean!


Long Family Chronicles said...

Now, I would like to know the degree of the pitting edema.. 1+, 2+, 3+.. come on.. help a sistah know what she has to look forward too!! :) And you can practice your clinical skills at the same time! :) Hang in there.. look at baby wiget, only 37 more days!! You are about to break 30 which is TOTALLY HUGE in my opinion. I am going to party when I break 100!

Tiffany said...

Aww...I love the picture though. That's cute!

And hey, I'm not ignoring you, I just am in the midst of wading through the swamp of starting school and haven't been online much recently to respond.

I'll look at some time that I may be in Lexington and give you a heads up to stop by.