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Aug 29, 2008


This week, instead of going to bed at a decent hour, we've been enjoying the Democratic National Convention and all of the rousing, inspiring speeches that have come from it. Last night, we tuned in just in time for Al Gore's speech. We both like Gore, voted for him, and like him even more now that he's a little embittered, feisty, unafraid. (I left the room when Micheal McDonald came on and didn't come back until the video preceeding Obama. Yikes.) When Obama finally spoke, after the 75,000 people in the stadium finally calmed down, we listened and prepared ourselves to be impressed. The convention has been full of fantastic speeches, but this one was the one we - and everyone else in the country and world - had been waiting for.

I was not disappointed. I was a little less wowed than I have been by his speeches in the past, but I also really appreciated the more detail-oriented take on his plans. I had been interested in exactly what he wanted to do and I was glad that he left the high retoric to the end so that he could list his plans (of course I liked the list). And then there were the moments of simply fantastic and inspirational speechmaking. This speech will be studied by generations to come as the highest example of political style and content that we have seen in generations. I was truly impressed. Even if you are not an Obama supporter, the speech is worth hearing.

I spoke briefly last night with my 17 year old sister (note: too young to vote) who quickly got off the phone with me because they were about to introduce Obama. On facebook, all of my friends have been updating their statuses with comments and feelings about the convention this week. I am inspired by more than just this remarkable candidate. I am also moved by how he moves others. People, especially young people, are so quick to be cynical and judgemental and for someone to come along and inspire all these people to participate, to be involved, to think about the issues, moves me to join them.

If I wasn't already convinced, I am now.

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Tiff said...

I really enjoyed this post. We stayed up to watch them too and it got us pretty pumped. I plan to keep my fingers crossed until November 4th.