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Aug 28, 2008


After the fiasco that was my attempt at sleep the other night, I decided to take action. I am temporarily moving out of our bedroom. Last night I slept for SIX WHOLE HOURS on the sofa. SIX. IN A ROW! I put an electric fan on the floor right next to me, so I was kept cool. The sofa allowed me to sit up a little bit more without using 14 pillows, which helps with my hip and pelvis joint pain. The sofa is also only four steps from the bathroom - crucial. Most importantly, there were no cats or husbands or any other buggers keeping me awake. Just the one little Turnip, who hasn't been able to get very far away from me as of yet, but even he seemed content with the new situation last night.

It seemed foreign to kiss Patrick goodnight and walk away, like we'd jumped back in time six years and I was leaving to go back to my own apartment, but SLEEP! Sleep is a siren call that I cannot resist. I know that people don't get much sleep with a newborn, but it will be nice to at least feign sleep next to the hubster again once the Turnip makes his grand entrance. For now, though: SIX!

In other fascinating news, last night I folded and put away the last of the Turnip laundry and am dismayed, even appalled, at the fact that I have no idea what to do with about 30% of it. I have a general idea about the clothes and diapers and such. But there are all these different kinds of blanket things and sheets and cloth items that all seem to serve different purposes - purposes that elude me. And there are all these pads for things, but I don't know what to do with them or what they are intended to pad. I figured out the crib mattress pad, but beyond that I am lost. I wonder if the Tutoring Center at school has Nursery Tutors... I think I could use some help.

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