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Sep 24, 2008


Still nothing.

Lots of contractions that aren't doing anything and feeling really, really awkward and uncomfortable. Today I hung pictures on the wall (badly, I might add), worked on the list for announcements, and other such mundane activities. Even the dogs seem bored with this routine. I tried to play with them in the yard and they both just laid down in the shade and watched me throw the ball then fetch it myself. This may be an all-time low.

Come on, Turnip. You're making a fool out of me!

Patrick and I are heading out for Mexican food and I think I'll request the spiciest (vegetarian) thing on the menu. If I'm going to be up four times a night stumbling to the bathroom anyway, we might as well spice things up around here!

3 Readers rock!:

Dragonfly said...

HOw about starting on a project that will take several days to complete? Or starting to cook a whole bunch of casseroles for afterwards? Murphy's law may then kick in...

Alykat said...

-I have to agree- start something that will take a few days to complete!

-Spicy food is supposed to scare the baby out, so hopefully you are in labor as I type this!

-Or, go for my mom's last-ditch effort, when I was about a month late: eat green beans, blueberry cobbler and scrambled aggs all mixed together. She went into labor a couple of hours later!

Alykat said...
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