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Sep 17, 2008

Much Ado

As this pregnancy inevitably (and thankfully) draws to a close, I am going into overdrive trying to accomplish everything that needs to be done. And things that don't really need to be done, but should be done. Also, things that I have come up with that are kind of ridiculous, but I want to do anyway. I have lists upon lists keeping me occupied at all moments and the more items I cross off, the more things I think to add.

Some of the things on the list do not require a lot of movement and allow me to sit in front of the TV while doing so - and watch lots of movies. I have been rediscovering some old favorites: today it was Much Ado About Nothing. This one was a family vacation favorite and I have seen it enough times to know nearly all the lines - which is saying something for a Shakespeare film. I remember when I learned that Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson were getting divorced and I actually cried because of this movie.

Some reflections upon rediscovering it:
- Holy cow, Keanu Reeves is absolutely terrible.
- There is a lot more schtick than I remember.
- Kate Beckinsale looks really different now - she was so fresh and cute and young. Now she's so angular and a little too hot for her own good.
- It is possible that I still have dreams about Kenneth Branagh based on his Benedick. Maybe.
- Robert Sean Leonard, though I have always loved him, is a whiny brat.
- I want to live in a place where all they do is eat grapes on picnic blankets and snuggle and sing songs and have festivals. Seriously - did those places ever exist? How did they not catch on?

On the positive side - I have gotten several big things done in the last few days. Big things like:
- Find a pediatrician
- Pack the bag for the hospital
- Arrange with the insurance company for the Turnip to have coverage.

Also, I had an check up today - no news. Ugh. Since when is that good news? 38 weeks.

38 wks

3 Readers rock!:

Anonymous said...

Much Ado is quite possibly my favorite movie of all time. It got me hooked on Shakespeare and Branagh -- two great loves that I've never lost.

Can't wait to see pictures of the Turnip soon!

Dragonfly said...

You look very non marshmallow like there. And I heart Kenneth Branagh.

Long Family Chronicles said...

You don't look big at all!!! Tell that turnip to come out and eat lots of ice cream!!! Have you gone out and walked up and down any strenuous hills lately? I hear that works to get little turnips out!! Heck -- at least it is worth a try and if your water breaks, you can just say it is a rain puddle! :)