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Sep 7, 2008

Music To Be Born To

Something that has come up multiple times in the course of our adventure through pregnancy and preparation for THE EVENT is music. Specifically, what music would we like our little Turnip to be born to?

Like the birth plan, I thought that this was only for those people who are really into the experience of the whole thing and wanted everything to be just perfect (and who would inevitably end up with a c-section and weeks in the hospital for both mom and baby, just because they'd planned it out so thoroughly). Like, people other than me. But actually, as we learned with the birth plan, that's not true. Both our doctor and the leader of our Prep class told us to bring in what we liked, think about it a little in advance, and use it as a relaxation tool. That sounds so much more attainable than Bring Your Child Into The World With This Perfectly Timed And Meaningful Song. Relaxation music - I can handle that.

Except that I apparently can't. I've been combing through my iTunes and CDs trying to come up with things that would be good to listen to during THE EVENT. I just don't know what I will want. Having a past career in music makes it difficult to ever have "background music", as I am always actively listening. Then again, that seems like a perfect distraction, right? Hm.

The doctor made a great point, though. She said that it always bugs her when she's catching a baby and Extra is on TV in the background. Surely you can do better than that, she says. Well, now it's a challenge.

Inspired by this article from the December 2000 British Medical Journal, what music would you choose to be born to? And, if you're so inspired, what would you choose to die to?

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Desire to show gratitude said...

I read your blog, but have never posted. My entire birth plan was to get an epidural, watch "The Sound of Music," and require everyone in the room to sing along :-) It didn't quite work out that way (that's a story in and our itself), but my whole thought process ahead of time was to have music that *I* liked. It didn't matter if everybody else in the room hated it. As long as THIS momma was happy, everything else in the room wasn't going to matter to me!

So, with that being said...I suggest bringing a lot of different genres of music with you. Your mood might change--often--during labor! Internet access to itunes would probably be a good idea, too!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Yo-Yo Ma: Bach cello suites. Absolutely no question, that would be it for me.

Either that, or some crazy old school Justin Timberlake*.

(*just kidding, just kidding!)

marymartha said...

I plan to depart to an awesome skirl of bagpipes, the sound of everyone laughing, as it rains on a tin roof, while I am wearing turtle makeup...

tracy said...

Music to die to...?

How about "Don't Fear the Reaper"?

All the best to you and the Muffin,
love, tracy

Pennsy said...

Sorry to jump in so late.

If I were being born again (again. again.) I would want the first thing I heard to be American Idiot. No sense letting the poor little kid into the world without a little warning and useful advice.