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Sep 23, 2008


This post is to report that there is nothing yet to report.

My appointment today was fine - quick and relatively painless. I am progressing a little bit, which is better than nothing, but still - almost nothing. 1 centimeter and 50%. And as for the helpful suggestions as to how to induce labor - thank you for all of them and let me assure you: I am actively trying any and all known ways to do this. I just can't talk about that one in particular, Ashley, because my grandmother reads this blog and discussing THAT in her "presence" is just too embarrassing to even contemplate. (Hi, Grandma!)

Tomorrow's tasks include the following: hang 3 things on the wall, write 2 thank you notes that are long overdue, return phone call to old friend, and pace endlessly. I should be done by noon.

For the moment, I'm off to find more closets to organize. I know there's a bin of something somewhere that has yet to be cleaned out. I will FIND IT. And I will ORGANIZE IT.

4 Readers rock!:

barrie said...

Hey, there is a LOT of stuff over here that needs to be cleaned and organized, if the turnip takes another week I will turn you loose in casa dog ;-)

Dragonfly said...

Good luck...just in case this is the last post before the big event.

~Ashley said...

haha, thanks for the props! i'm sure grandma knows about that induction method as well! don't let her fool you! 0:-D (that's my halo!) anywhoo, you know you're gonna have to give patrick permission to post on your blog or something to let us know that the blessed event has begun... i don't think that all of us faithful readers will be able to stand not having updates! i mean, we've got to be the most important thing in all of this ;) i hope it happens for you soon! i'm so excited to see what he looks like, and to finally hear the name!

barrie said...

Huh, should I add birthing notifications via blog to my pet sitting services??