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Sep 22, 2008

Space Holder

I wish I had something exciting to report, but I don't.

There are things that I could tell you about, things like getting stranded in the Target parking lot this weekend and having a lovely, if forced upon us, coffee and bookstore date with Patrick as we waited for the tow truck. Or about how I gave myself a pedicure tonight complete with the little toe spacer things and when I took the spacers off after the polish was dry my toes were dented from where they'd been separated. Or even how I am completely and totally out of closets to re-organize in my house.

But there's not a lot of fun in any of those stories. Mostly, it's me just finding things to do, puttering around until my water breaks or something more interesting happens. Folks, my check list is all checked off. This is a dangerous situation we have on our hands.

Tomorrow is 39 weeks. I have a check-up where my lovely doctor will try to "get things moving". I'm still terrified of the whole birthing process and nervous about how things will go, but I'm ready. Hear that, little Turnip? I'M READY FOR YOU TO COME OUT NOW! Let's get this show on the road. I'm even willing to negotiate the ice cream timetable, but only if we can have a face-to-face discussion about it.

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Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Oh dear! If you want I can send you my to-do list :P It's full of med-related things (although probably quite easy for you), but they would at least be enough to keep your mind busy :)

Apryl said...

If you have to try to look at something with a glass half full perspective...at least you have everything done and you're not caught off guard by Turnip's arrival! Best wishes to you and Turnip. I hope he arrives SOON! Can't wait to meet him (and your hubby)sometime when you're back around Greenwood!

~Ashley said...

you know one of the best ways to naturally induce labor.....it's true.... i mean, artificial inductions are only successful about 50% of the time according to Dr. Gambrell...so a more "natural" means couldn't be much worse ;)

tracy said...

Have you baked that pie yet?

The day before i had my baby, i had a check up and one of my doc's partner's examined me...he said "...oops, i made you bleed a little, sorry about that...". Kiddo came the next morning.

i'll keep checking back...all the best to you (and Muffin and Patrick too), tracy

Dragonfly said...

I am impressed that you were able to give yourself a pedicure at 39 weeks.... I know previously pregnant ladies who have not been able to after about 32 weeks (so the husbands had to learn how to :-))

Kate Renda said...

I was just going to echo Dragonfly and say, you're doing very well if you can still reach your feet in any position at this stage!!! I know you must be going crazy with the waiting - no words of comfort for that but I am so excited for you!!