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Oct 29, 2008


Today is Colin's four week birthday and we celebrated by going to a Mama and Baby Yoga class. It wasn't the rock-star sweat-fest that I am used to from a yoga class, but it was still nice to move again, listen to that mind-numbing music, and snuggle with the little one. I have missed yoga so much over the last ten months and I know that when I finally start back with MY yoga that it will be like starting over, like having read a book about it but never actually done it. But I am still aching to be back on my mat. Today was a decent step, but it merely whet my appetite.

The more important story from the yoga class was how much Colin seemed to respond. He perked right up and watched me from his blanket. When we got to the 'baby' part of the Mama and Baby Yoga, he loved it. I moved his legs and arms around, bent him into a pretzel, and watched as his eyes reflected his pleasure at the movement. He cuddled into my belly for relaxation and relaxed along with me. It was, quite possibly, my favorite moment so far of being a mom: sharing with him something that has shaped who I am.

I read this blog post tonight which made me laugh out loud at the end. Reading thoughts like this make me think about all the things that I can't wait to share with Colin; when I look at my bookshelves or pick through the DVD or mp3 collections, I pick out my favorites and imagine Colin's reaction. Our yoga class this morning made me hope that Colin finds joy and meaning in some form of physical activity, that he values his health. I simply can't wait to find out his taste in music, what he thinks of the dogs, and if he'll decide to be a vegetarian like his mama.

As he begins his second month 'on the outside', I celebrate not only his achievements (I swear he's smiling!) and how adorable he is (obviously). I also celebrate all the accomplishments yet to come, all the fun we'll have together. I celebrate not only my new son, but the fact that I am a mother.


4 Readers rock!:

Alykat said...

That was a really beautiful post

Dragonfly said...

I agree. And he just might be smiling. Development milestone...tick!

~Sarah~ said...

that is so cool! maybe he will decide to be a yogi-guru. or at least master a pose besides savasana. he is so cute!

Tiff said...

Oh, what a great picture!