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Oct 27, 2008


I might have sold my soul to the devil last night.

Accidentally! I didn't do it on purpose - it just kinda... happened. It was 2am and Colin had been crying and fussing and whining for nearly three hours. Three hours STRAIGHT. He would only stop if I was holding him while bouncing him around while also walking up and down the hallway. There was no rest to be had while comforting him, and I was losing it. I was so exhausted plus fighting off a cold. I got Colin to close his eyes and take a pacifier. I laid him down in his bassinet. I tiptoed back to bed and crawled in, taking care not to make any sound at all.

Then he started crying again.

And I thought to myself, "I would sell my soul to the devil if Colin would just go to sleep."

And then Colin went to sleep.


6 Readers rock!:

barrie said...

Eeek! When my brother was in college (supposedly built over the gates to hell btw!) a student went around at lunch time and bought people's souls for $5 then he went around at dinner and sold them back for $10 :-)

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

You didn't sign anything, so I'm pretty sure you're still okay :)

Alykat said...

You said "I would sell my soul to the devil" NOT "If Colin goes to sleep right now, I will hand my sould right to the devil," so I bet you are fine, and God just heard a sincere cry of desperation! ;)

Tiff said...


Dragonfly said...

Hope the sleeping has continued in a good pattern (with only good supernatural intervention):-)

marymartha said...

Unless you woke up with money under your pillow, you are fine!!!