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Oct 30, 2008


I have been having some serious Wendy's chicken sandwich with cheese cravings lately. This has twice before been my downfall from the noble pedestal that is vegetarianism. I don't know what it is about that sandwich - it isn't even that good. The other time that I fell off the wagon was for a coney at Skyline Chili, which I feel is a much more respectable way to go. But Wendy's? It's disgraceful.

I am determined not to give in. I have survived worse - some of the cravings during pregnancy were seriously bad, and this is nothing like that. I'll make it.

But to take the edge off, I thought that I would make myself some fake chicken tonight. I heated up a frozen fake chicken patty and my mouth watered while I waited for it. When it was finally done, I took it out of the microwave, cut it into pieces a la chicken nuggets, and poured some honey onto my plate for dipping.

STUPID! By the time I poured a drink and sat down, the honey had melted into liquid, saturated the fake chicken patty bits to the point where it didn't even taste like chicken. It never tastes that much like chicken to begin with and now, NOW, the honey took away the last traces of chicken taste.

And so, my quest for fake but realistic chicken must continue on to tomorrow, since that was the last of the fake chicken in the house. Hopefully this journey does not lead me to the drive-thru line of Wendy's, after which I would cry while eating the chicken sandwich in a dark corner of the parking lot hoping no one sees my shame. Oh, the guilt.

But OH the craving!

(Maybe I could pair it with one of those new ice cream things they have...)

4 Readers rock!:

Dragonfly said...

Hehe. Hope the craving settles soon. Did you have to take extra supplements during pregnancy?
I don't eat much meat (mainly fish) but in tiny amounts usually (i.e. make stirfry in quantities for 5-6 meals using 1 chicken breast and massive quantities of veges etc), but anticipate being considerably more vegetarian next year when I will probably not have a job.

Alykat said...

I feel your pain. If you will remember correctly, I fell off a four year vegetarian wagon over a beef and chedder from Arby's. ARBY'S, of all places. Damn our fast food obsessed country!!!

marymartha said...

Alycat does remember correctly! She was thinking Arbys! teehee I was there the day she confessed to be carnivorous.
For me it was always bacon...
After a year of being vegitarian a BLT turned me into a raging meat eater again...
Now I just bless the animal who I am eating and try not to dwell on it too much.
Good luck. I understand though, I like the chicken club (with BACON!!!)

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Hmm, I'm glad I've never really had to deal with that issue. I broke down and had bacon the first week that I was vegetarian, but haven't had an issue since and it's been almost five years. Good luck keeping your resolve!