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Oct 31, 2008

What To Do

My little family is hitting the road in a few hours to head north for the weekend. We're going to see the Best Nephew Ever for Halloween and also to see Littlest Sister in her marching band/guard girl glory. But I'm still in my pajamas, haven't brushed my teeth or hair, and am trying desperately to pack for the three of us for a weekend. HOW ARE THESE THINGS DONE? I am at a loss. I feel like I should have a handle on these things after a month, but I still find myself at 3 in the afternoon standing in the kitchen with tangled hair, morning breath, a growling stomach, and an unbuttoned nightgown. However, I also usually find a content and happy baby. There must be a happy medium here - or does the baby always win?

Seriously, people. I need some guidance. Or a live-in nanny that works for gratitude only. Feel free to offer either one in the comments section.

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Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I love babies. If you lived here I would totally offer to help with the little one... I've totally gone to family parties and ended up sitting in a corner feeding and rocking someone's tiny baby for like three hours :)

Alykat said...

Yes, yes, this is a very important topic, and I wish I had some input for you. But I don't, since I have the same problem and have NO KIDS! ;)
MORE IMPORTANTLY, however- if there is not a picture of Colin and Best Nephew Ever in their costumes together by the end of the week-end, you will have ruined my Halloween. I AM DYING FOR THE CUTENESS! :) :) :)

barrie said...

I'm sure if you discussed it with her Myra would help you pack :-)

Desire to show gratitude said...

The morning isn't over until you've had your shower. There were times my morning lasted until 10 at night!

Make a list of everything you DID accomplish--you'll be surprised at how quickly everything adds up! Little things like, "I peed," or "I fed baby AGAIN" COUNT!

Surgeon in my dreams said...

There IS a Happy Medium. GIve it a while and you will find it. One month in is not unusual to still be looking for it.

Once you find it, some days you will meet it and some you wont.

Make This Too Shall Pass one of your mantras. You're doing beautifully!!