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Oct 21, 2008

Yet Another

Patrick's complete and total lack of knowledge about pop culture never ceases to amaze me. It catches me off guard - the most obvious things just blow right by him. Like tonight, for example:

Can you put Colin in his seat?

The one over in the corner?

Har har! Nobody puts Baby in the corner! HA!

Why not?

What? No - it's a quote.

It is? From what?

Dirty Dancing! Come on! Seriously? You don't know?

Is that a movie?

(dies a little inside)

It is always interesting around here.

7 Readers rock!:

marymartha said...

YOu should have started dirty dancing w/ him... and then he would have been Patrick Sway ZEED....hahahahahah

Kate Renda said...

Oh we had that one too when Sophie was little! That exact one. Some girls Andrew works with bought her a "Nobody puts baby in the corner" shirt and Andrew had no idea what it was for. He came home and was like, "I hope you know what this is about because these girls were really excited!" He did at least know what Dirty Dancing was when I told him though :)

Dragonfly said...

Hehe. Well, you have 50 years+ in which to educate him :-)

tracy said...

Ha, ha...sounds just like my hubby....

Tiff said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Ryan and I died laughing over this!!

Tracey Z. said...

See, though, sometimes one can be too into pop culture. I didn't find out until after we were married that Tim once had front row seats to a Weird Al concert. On purpose. Front Row.Yeeesh.

John R said...

I see no issue with this, whatsoever. A dirty dancing quote? really?

Scene: Some unknown study room in Willy T with several books and papers strewn across the table.

So IL2 is like the guy on the bridge in Predator!

Katie and Allison
(blank stare)

You know, the one who cuts himself with his own knife to get himself ready for battle!!

Katie and Allison
Know your audience, John.


I'm just saying- Patrick, well done sir.