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Nov 9, 2008


When Colin was born, I was a little (ok - a lot) jealous because I thought he looked exactly like Patrick the Baby Version. In the last five and 1/2 weeks, I think a little of me has emerged. This has made Patrick the Adult Version increasingly annoyed; whereas he was very proud of his little clone at the beginning, I keep revising my analysis of Colin's features in my favor and he's feeling gypped.

(Fun fact of the day! I just had to look up how to spell "gypped" and learned that it is a racist stereotype of gypsies, assuming they were thieves. I don't think I'll be using that word anymore.)

Anyway, the most recent trait to come under consideration is Colin's hair line. He had tons of hair when he was born and then all of it on the front of his head fell out. It's coming back, and I think a change is in the air.

Here it is at birth:

Brand New Colin

Here it is in a picture I took about an hour ago:

hair inspection

Here's me and my hairline (from 10 years ago when I preferred to dye my hair almost-purple, but I don't think my hairline has changed since then):

Young KT

Here's me and Patrick the Adult Version with the Widow's Peak (this picture was actually taken for the purpose of documenting how Patrick's hair totally defies gravity, but it shows his hairline well):


What do you think, dear readers? I thought that Colin's hair may be making a run for it and trying to break Peak Formation, but after looking at photographic evidence, I'm not so sure. Patrick is offended that I would cheer for my own hairline, but I told him that its every hairline for itself around here.

P.S. Did we make a cute kid or what?

5 Readers rock!:

Alykat said...

Hmmm, actually I was thinking that he had more of a Myra hairline... looks like you both lose! ;)

And yes, cutest kid ever!

~Ashley said...

i love his newborn picture.... it's so funny i think seeing the babies as they're first "out" and in the real world, i seriously think they all have the same, "wow, geeze, what just happened?" look on their faces--you'll see what i mean when you get to newborn nursery, haha

Apryl said...

Regardless of whose hairline he has, he's absolutely adorable! Way to go in the baby making factory!! I'd love to meet Colin (and Patrick) sometime when you're back around Greenwood! Hope you're enjoying every moment...well at least most of them :)

Tiff said...

Oh, I love that picture of you and Patrick. Is that a yellow dress? So cute. And so cute is that second picture of Colin. He's like, "Hey Mama, what's up?"

Anonymous said...

We fight over my son's eyes. I like to think he has mine. Everyone else just keeps repeating he looks just like my husband.

I'll give him the hairline though. You can see just how my baby will go slowly bald after he's thirty.