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Nov 11, 2008


Today, trying to leave the house, I had the following experience:

1. Put baby in carseat.
2. Hear baby poo.
3. Take baby out of carseat to change him.
4. Change baby's diaper.
5. Watch as baby spits up all over me and himself.
6. Change baby's clothes.
7. Put baby in carseat.
8. Go change my shirt.
9. Hear baby poo.
10. Take baby out of carseat to change him.
11. Put baby back in carseat.
12. Baby cries because he's hungry.
13. Sigh and decide to stay in.

I did eventually make it out of the house. I went to the post office to buy stamps so that I can mail the birth announcements. I've been trying to get to the post office for a week, but haven't been able to get out of the house. Today I finally made it. Guess what? The post office was closed today for Veteren's Day! Damn it all.

I'll probably just send the announcements along with his college graduation open house invitations.

4 Readers rock!:

Tracey Z. said...

Step 14. Crack open a beer.

barrie said...

I'm sorry to laugh 'cause that sounds awful but it's just so funny! Would you like me to bring you some stamps?

Dina said...


That perfectly describes motherhood!

I think you should send that to every pregnant woman so they know what they're in for!!

Katie said...

You (and Colin too) are hilarious! I am glad I'm finally back from AHEC so I can enjoy your blog :) I'm getting good practice changing diapers this week on newborn nursery - every time I do a baby exam they poop!