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Nov 28, 2008


The Thanksgiving Pinball started yesterday with a stop at Patrick's grandmother's house to show off the baby. He turned on the charm and smiled and laughed like I've never seen him do before. She loved it, she said it was the best day she'd had in months. She turns 94 next month. Then we went to Patrick's mother's, where we had a big, lovely dinner. His aunt and uncle stopped by during the cooking, and Colin threw a proper fit for them. I suppose you can only expect good behavior for so long and, as Patrick's uncle said, "at least he charmed the one with the money." Then we went for a nightcap at Patrick's father's. Colin was snugly and an sweet for this visit, which I paid for when he woke up at 4:30 this morning ready to play, having slept all day.

We stayed at Patrick's mother's last night. Our holiday continued today at my aunt's an hour and a half away. This was dinner with the entire extended family plus some family that I've never actually met. Wow. You'd think that by the time you are 28 years old you've met everyone, but apparently not.

We had a fantastic meal there and the cousins had some well-controlled fun, but Patrick and I are exhausted from the baby managing. Then we drove another two hours to the Baby Mama's house for tonight and tomorrow. We'll have a meal with my mother tomorrow, for which we will be very thankful but will not be an actual thanksgiving meal, and then home tomorrow night. We are thankful for so much this year, and family is first on the list, but I will also be thankful to get home tomorrow. I am exhausted and am looking forward to some quiet time at home with just my little three person family.

I'm still working on some of the posts I promised earlier in the week, like the labor and delivery one. I'm about halfway through that one - why is it so hard to write about? Parts are burned into my brain, while others are wavy and fuzzy. I want to consult Patrick on the details, but I also want to write what I remember. Ah, stay tuned for the outcome!

Hope those who celebrated Thanksgiving enjoyed it, and those who didn't get the weekend off.

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