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Dec 7, 2008

Down the Hall

I feel the need to warn all of humanity: We are attempting Colin's first night in his own room, in his Big(ger) Boy Bed (aka: crib). He's been in there about ten minutes and I'm doing pretty well, I think. I've only been in to check on him twice. The monitor is up so loud that it is very like having Colin inside my brain. It's a little odd though; we're only about three steps down the hall from him as it is, so the monitor actually makes his sounds stereo - like we're in a listening room and playing a soundtrack called Infant Watches Mobile, Sucks on Fingers, and Attempts to Not Sleep.

So. Sorry everyone that the monitor is loud enough for my friends in Switzerland to listen in. I imagine that it will be a very long night for us walking back and forth. But someday soon it will all be worth it: that night when he sleeps all the way through and we wake up at 6:30 thinking he died in the night. Won't that be great?

P.S. I just heard him poo through the monitor. Maybe I'll turn it down just a smidge.

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Apryl said...

You may find that you get more sleep with him in his own room. Olivia wouldn't sleep long at all when she was in our room and at the advice of several people we moved her to her own room and voilla...sleep! The theory was that babies can smell their mom's milk and therefore think they need to be nursing. No smell = more sleep for all. I hope this proves to be true for you as well! Best of luck (and it will be scary when you wake up one day without having heard Colin for the night. Your heart will skip several beats!).