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Dec 14, 2008

Life Issues Revealed!

Finally, I can talk about what’s been going on with us for the last few months. To simplify, let me put it in list form and in chronological order.

1. Patrick matches in General Surgery and we move to Lex.
2. Patrick completes intern year of surgery residency.
3. I start medical school in Lex.
4. Patrick completes year two of surgery residency and I complete year one of med school.
5. Patrick is not sure that surgery is the right place for him, so decides to do a year of research to think things over.
6. I start my second year of medical school.
7. I find out that I’m pregnant. (Not a huge coincidence that I become pregnant while Patrick is taking a break from his crazy surgery schedule, I think!)
8. Patrick decides to do another year of research while I am pregnant and while our kiddo will be brand new.
9. I decide to take the fall semester off to be with the kiddo.

1. Patrick decides not to go back to his surgery residency.
2. Patrick has an identity crisis, since he’s never considered anything outside of surgery.
3. Colin is born, adding immeasurable pressure to the “what are we doing with our lives/finish school and get a job already” situation.
4. Patrick decides to sign up for and take part in the match process again in order to pursue a career based in Internal Medicine (probably Nephrology, but we’ll see).
5. We travel all over the globe so he can interview at different programs and I look at the adjacent schools. (Not really all over the globe; it just feels that way.)
6. I decide to take the rest of the academic year off from school so that, in the event that Patrick matches elsewhere, I will be eligible to transfer. This is only possible between the 2nd and 3rd years of medical school, so this whole situation is actually rather serendipitous.
7. I find out about that we lost our health insurance (that was through my school), possibly necessitating my return to school. This situation might lead to me staying in school in Lex, Patrick leaving, and our family being separated.
8. Panic ensues.
9. We work out private health insurance. Expensive, but better than nothing or being separated.
10. I re-decide to take the spring off. All is well.

1. I am working on finding a research job for the spring semester in order to ease back into life outside my living room and pay for the day care which will allow me to work.
2. Patrick will find out his placement in March. We might be leaving Lex and I might transfer to another medical school.

Now, dear Readers, we have no secrets. This has been a hugely stressful few months for us, as you might imagine, but I am very excited by the direction things are going. We might be moving, we might be staying – we’ll find out in March. But, whatever happens, we’ll be able to all be together, which was the goal and hope all along.

11 Readers rock!:

~Ashley said...

wow...those are major life issues--but it's good to hear that things seem to be working out.---and that patrick didn't get 10 years into surgery, turn around, and feel that it was a total waste and loss

i don't guess that patrick will be going through match day ceremonies with my class will he?

are you all done with interviews? i'm on my last leg and actually have 6 more that i'll probably cancel...this is draining!

Tiffany Marsh said...

Oh my! Well, just know that you guys have a lot of people out there thinking of you and sending you good vibes that everything will work out.

Love you!

Alykat said...

Wow, that is all so intense! You guys are tough though, so I know that you will get through it and be happier in the end. :)

marymartha said...

Man oh man, that is a lot of stuff to go through... I feel for you both.
Just remember "Life is what happens when you are making plans..."

BTW if you leave I want to buy your house! LOL

Jen said...

whew. ah the match. don't miss it, but I bet you guys will do great no matter where you go!

Long Family Chronicles said...

Wow, now that is some serious stress girlfriend!!! I can't imagine balancing all that with post-prego hormones!! Hats off to you both!!! We wish you the best!!! It will all work out! (Like you haven't heard that one before)!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds like a lot of stress, it must feel good to be able to talk about it openly though. I'm glad you guys are going to be able to stay together, and what great fortune that if necessary you'll be able to transfer med schools!

Dragonfly said...

Glad you have some sort of insurance now. Good luck with transferring.

Katie! said...

Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes and support.

Ashley: I don't think so, because he's not affiliated with our school. He graduated from Louisville, so all of his match stuff is through them.

MaryMartha: DONE. It's yours!

Tracey z. said...

Come to Minneapolis!!!! (Rochester, even?) Really... the cold only gets annoying when it's below zero. (And maybe this morning it was -10...no matter...) The Children's hospital here is amazing (having been to the ER there twice) not that Patrick is looking at peds or anything... but that's all I know about any hospital stuff. Sorry it's been so stressful. Having a sweet baby boy to snuggle can be especially lovely during such times :). Hang in there.

Kate and Andrew said...

Wow Katie! I didn't realize about the health insurance, that is definitely a crappy thing to lose. All the more need for reform, if you ask me. I loved those latest pictures of Colin - Sophie remembered him! I was looking at the blog and Sophie came up and said "Baby Colin?" He is too cute! Best of luck to you all. We hope to see you over the holidays.