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Dec 8, 2008

Two Months

Colin turned two months old last week. Thus, an update: First of all, TWO MONTHS? I cannot believe it. I absolutely refuse – seriously? Two months? I have this reaction because I feel at once shocked that my little brand-new baby is two months old. On the other hand, when I think about my life lately, it feels much, much longer than that.

On to the update. Colin had his first “illness”, if you can even classify pink eye as an illness. Colin was very brave in the face of conjunctivitis and valiantly and with great skill peed on every nurse and doctor who came within range. I was slightly less brave and, though I thoroughly researched pink eye and all its possible complications and found nothing that was in any way alarming, I still got choked up at the doctor’s office when I saw that the visit was coded “Sick Visit”. My baby was “Sick”. Cue the tears.

As any self-respecting baby would do, Colin pitched a royal fit each and every time I came near him with the eye drops. I eventually got better at it, but those first few – or ten – treatments were pathetic. I will say: there was no pink eye ANYWHERE near his mouth or ear. Not when I was through with him! No wonder they give you so much in the droppers.


And let me tell you this: there many not be anything cuter in the whole wide expanse of the world than my Turnip giggling. I have no idea what is so funny, but there are times when he just loses his head laughing. The other night we were watching White Christmas. I looked down at one point and the kid is cackling up a storm. We thought it was hilarious, though I am suspicious that Patrick was so interested more for the distraction from the movie. I was so distracted by both Colin and Patrick that I missed the entire musical number where Rosemary Clooney sings in the nightclub in that fabulous black dress and I made Patrick go back and watch it. I think he hates me. Colin thought it was hysterical.

Smiling Colin

Aside from looking for distractions from holiday musicals, Patrick has developed a little obsession with Colin. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but I do hang out with the baby all day long, so I don’t really need my attention called every time Colin smiles or wets his diaper or is generally adorable. However, I am glad to share in the joy that is seeing the baby totally entertained by someone other than myself. Also, it is heartwarming to see the two people you love most in the world so attached to each other. This is usually where I bow out so as not to make a fool out of myself getting all sappy and weepy over Patrick’s excitement over the wet diaper. Oh, sleep deprivation, see what you’ve done to my emotional reserve?

We have been traveling a lot recently and Colin has proved himself to be resilient and easy-going. He never complained when we passed him around from one well-meaning stranger (to him) to the next, content to snuggle in and be loved. He was even totally unfazed by my totally inadvertent attempt to kill him His response to my not paying attention leaving Ikea and ACCIDENTALY walking the stroller sideways off the curb when he wasn’t even strapped in all the way? He laughed it off. He’s understanding like that.

Great Gran, Mama, Colin

As for the rest of us, things are humming along. I got the all-clear at my 6 week post partum check up. The next baby is just going to have to try harder to wreck me, I guess, because I healed up just fine. My waistline is taking its sweet time in reappearing, but I was prepared for that since I’m nursing. Also since I’m having trouble finding any time or energy to exercise. When are you supposed to go for a jog when there is an adorable baby to coo at? And how exactly are you supposed to summon the energy for the gym when you spend every waking – and most sleeping – moment tending to the every want and need of a completely dependent infant? That said, I’m slowly returning to yoga; it isn’t the dive-back-in approach that I’d planned, but I’m trying to roll with the, um, asanas. Man, sorry for that. Again with the sleep deprivation – it’s not good for my jokes either.

Thanksgiving was a little random this year but more meaningful than ever before. We were able to see tons of family and share Colin with them. Everybody said that Colin was precious and perfect. I have to agree.


4 Readers rock!:

Katie said...

hooray for pictures! :)

Alykat said...

Please, please be in town the week-end after Christmas so that I too can coo and cuddle at the Colin! :)

Dragonfly said...

Those photos are so beautiful (of both you and Colin).

Surgeon in my dreams said...

What a beautiful, beautiful boy!