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Jan 21, 2009

Big Day!

Last night, I called my mother. She answered the phone with a question.

"Well, are you enjoying this?"

I paused. "Huh?"

She couldn't believe that I wasn't watching all the coverage of the inaugural balls and parades and whatnot. True, I spent a good bit of yesterday glued to the, er, computer, watching the actual inauguration, but I got bored before too long and decided to rearrange furniture instead.

No, I wasn't calling because of someone's gown or even to share in the excitement and hope of our new President. I had a much bigger reason for calling.

Colin rolled over!

Front to back, like it was no big deal. I think I scared him when I started squealing - he had seemed rather pleased with himself until then. I couldn't get him to do it again, apparently it was exhausting because he fell asleep shortly thereafter, but ho!

Milestone: check.

3 Readers rock!:

Kate Renda said...

Way to go Colin! He must be trying to keep up with the older kids at day care :) Sophie misses baby Colin!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Yay! Go Colin!

barrie said...

A rolling baby gathers no moss ;-)