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Jan 24, 2009


While I don't have the hangover that I feared, I did have to join Colin in the morning nap today. It is nice to be able to let loose every once in a while, but long, long gone are the days of my youth when I could stay up all night drinking with friends and make it to an 8am class or sing an audition or get to work. Now, I am old and can only allow for such frivolity on weekends when I have nothing to do the next day and Patrick is here to take care of the baby while I sleep it off. I say again: OLD.

As if a mini hangover wasn't enough, we are also out of milk. Oh, the tragedy! I'm off to rectify the situation and also to procure some food. My hungover brain can muster only this small thought: FOOD.

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~Ashley said...

i am waiting with baited breath to hear this appendectomy story! i can't believe that you had one!