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Feb 28, 2009

Diaper Hell

You know how, the other day, I wrote a little aside about how Patrick and I are constantly having the argument about whether to spend more per item or per purchase? Like, Patrick votes for buying more things for more money because the per-item price it less, whereas I would rather pay more per item but less at a time. Anyway, this argument reared its ugly head this afternoon in Babies-R-Us on the topic of diapers. Again, I was arguing that we don't have a ton of money to drop on diapers TODAY, so let's spread it out. Patrick was arguing that it was SO CHEAP, that we would be FOOLS to pass up such a GREAT DEAL.


We came home with 388 diapers.

THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-EIGHT DIAPERS. That would be three giant boxes. At 21.8 cents a piece, which (according to Patrick) is approximately three cents a piece cheaper than normal.

The best part? The diapers are size 3. Colin is still wearing size 2, which means that I'm going to have to go buy some more size 2 diapers to tide us over.

OMG, people. Save me. We are drowning in too-big diapers. And Patrick's life has been threatened multiple times today for bringing home that many diapers, as you might imagine. Please, send help.

3 Readers rock!:

Alykat said...

Look on the bright side- you now have all the supplies for that padded room that you will be needing very soon...
Oh, but you will probably need glue to stick all those diapers to the wall. Luckily, that is also sold in bulk.

(I make fun, but I must confess... I am guilty of buying way more of say, peanut butter, than I will eat in three lifetimes because, "It is only $0.30 more! The small container is a RIP OFF!!!")

Apryl said...

If it makes you feel any better Colin will probably be in size 3 for a long time, so they'll definately be put to use eventually!
Reading your posts give me a smile each time I get on here :) I'd still love to meet up sometime when you're around Greenwood.

Tiff said...

Patrick sounds just like my dad. He does the same thing. One could do her grocery shopping in my parents' house because they "keep stock" of stuff. (Actually, to admit, that rubbed off on me a little bit, but not quite as bad.)

388 diapers; I love it!