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Feb 5, 2009

GiST 7

1. The babysitter. She's awesome, loves Colin, and makes my life so much easier. (Now if she'd only do it for free...)

2. Painting a room. There is no better way to keep yourself busy or spruce up a room than painting it. Also, going from a really dark color to a light one makes everything seem brighter and happier.

3. Changing table time. Colin absolutely loves being on his changing table. It's right next to the window, maybe that puts him in a good mood. But it never ceases to be riotous fun when he's there.

4. An upstairs toilet that works! It WORKS!!

5. HEAT. After losing power and watching the temperature drop, I am remembering to be grateful for this necessity.

1 Readers rock!:

barrie said...

I am TOTALLY with you on number five!!! Heat, lights, electricty. We all take them for granted every day until we don't have them!!!