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Feb 11, 2009


1. I have four friends who are currently pregnant (one just announced tonight!) and I am so, so excited for all of them and their partners to become parents.

2. Colin had a good day at the babysitter's today. Thank God - she's already called me twice this week to pick him up because he won't sleep or eat there. Today he was back to his normal happy, cuddly, and good-sleeping self.

3. My friend John told me the other night that even though I am sitting out the year and may possibly transfer schools, my class will always claim me as their own. I laughed at the time, but the more I think about this statement the more it means to me.

4. Scalding hot showers. There is no substitute.

5. Thunderstorms! Especially when I'm inside for the duration and can simply enjoy the sights and sounds without having to endure the wetness.

1 Readers rock!:

Dragonfly said...

5 - Inside with hot chocolate or rooibos tea, a book and a cat. Awesomeness.