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Feb 9, 2009


Hold everything! I might, maybe, hopefully, keep your fingers crossed, am planning to start work tomorrow.

I know, you probably thought that I have been working all this time. I was supposed to start at the beginning of January, but things got postponed and delayed. Then I was supposed to start at the end of January when, lo! my appendix decided to stage a mutiny and had to be surgically thrown overboard. Finally, three months after I initially made contact with these people and five weeks after my original start date, I am finally showing up to work tomorrow with the expectation of doing stuff and being paid. I will drop Colin off tomorrow morning and instead of coming back home to mope and pace, I will go out into the world and be a productive member of society. Tomorrow is the start of a new era! I will be a working mother, able to pay for day care and diapers! I would open a bottle of wine to celebrate, but I wouldn't want to show up for my first day all bleary eyed and dumb (though it would be easy to blame the baby), so I will refrain. Instead, I am going to go shower and curl my hair, lay out an outfit for tomorrow, and pack a lunch.

Adulthood, ho!

2 Readers rock!:

~Ashley said...

yay! are you working on campus? if so, what dept? i hope you enjoy it!

Dragonfly said...

Awesome. How is your tummy feeling now? All recovered from the GA (or does it kind of blend into having an infant)?