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Apr 28, 2009

Asking the Universe

Dear Universe,

Just a quick note to say two things.

First, thanks for a fun weekend trip to Maryland! We had a good drive, great weather, and a fantastic time with our friends. Colin did great on his first road trip, as you know, with the notable exception of the Poo Explosion laaaaaate Thursday night. Though it was arguably our fault and not his; he was great and put up with sitting in the Poo Explosion until we got to our friends’ house and I went to change his diaper before putting him to bed and discovered the Explosion. He even stayed tolerant, if not pleasant even, through an impromptu bath at 1:30am when I ran out of wipes. I really, really appreciate that you sent me a mellow baby, Universe, I really do. I think that there should only be one hyper one in a family, and I clearly have that covered.

It was also nice of you to send such nice weather for Patrick’s sailing excursions! So thoughtful. I’m glad that he didn’t drown – or even fall out of the boat, not once – and had a generally good time. I don’t quite understand how it was a good time, after all the complaining and the aching it doesn’t seem like it was fun in the slightest, but he maintains that it was the Best Weekend Ever. Perhaps we should get out more.

And thanks for letting us not die on the way home. We tempted you, I know, by leaving at 6pm and driving all night, but you are a true friend. I need to send a note to the Coffee Gods too, since they were also instrumental in keeping us awake and alive.

My second topic is not quite as pleasant. You guessed it – it’s about my house.

What is the deal, Universe? I am not sure what even to say here. We’ve done everything right, the house looks great, the property is lovely, and we’ve even lowered the price! You’ve sent plenty of people to come look at it, which is great! 8 individual showings and 16 people at our open houses! But no one seems to feel like living here. What gives?

You know the stakes, Universe. You know that we have places to be. Places other than Lex. And you also know that we’re super excited about our lives and the changes happening in them. Just today, Patrick said, “I am ready to move on. I want to sell the house and move on.” And you know what kind of thing that is for him to say! He doesn’t ever move on, from anything!

So help us out here, please. I am going to send this letter out into the internet and into the Universe, hoping that you get the message. We don’t have anything else scheduled right now and we’re running out of blind, naïve optimism. Help us out, Universe. Send us a buyer!

Hope you’re well and well done on Spring this year – really swell job.



2 Readers rock!:

The Shrink said...

IT's got the cherry blossom just right this year. A riot of colour, looks fantastic!

Tiff said...

Dang, I hate to hear no luck on the house. It will happen; try to stay positive. You have a such great house, the second perfect owners will come along---you and Patrick being the FIRST perfect owners! :-)

By the way, Ryan and I would love to introduce you and Patrick to Cosmo sometime soon.