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Apr 14, 2009

A Lack of Patience

Seven days into the Come Look At My House and Buy It! phase, my patience is beginning to wear thin. I am not known for my patience to begin with and this whole process might give me an ulcer. We have had three showings and all feedback has been positive. So what gives? Are people coming to the right house? Do they see this house? It’s great! And they should buy it! In fact, they should all try to buy it and fight over it. Why has this not happened yet?

It is completely beyond me how people keep their houses on the market for months and years at a time. First of all, WHY would you do that? Who has years to just wait and live in limbo? Why would you do that to yourself and your family? Second, is it really worth waiting for the perfect deal if you have to wipe down the bathrooms twice a day and make your bed and leave no evidence that you live in your house? Is it worth the possibility that, at any moment, complete strangers could walk into your house while you’re at work? For me: not a chance.

Seven days and three showings. I’m ready for this to be over and to move on with our lives. I want to be able to leave my pajamas on the floor in the morning and leave my makeup on the counter. I want to come home from work and roll around on the floor with Colin instead of putting him in a playpen and dusting and vacuuming for the second time in a day. This is LAME!

More important than living this way is being free to move on with our lives. We are talking about decorating and strategies for moving and timelines when we have no place, no options, no idea about what will happen. Nothing can happen until this house moves. We have done everything we can think of. We emailed friends, classmates, incoming residents and medical students, strangers. We’ve posted fliers, asked friends to talk to their friends, and have chewed our nails until there was nothing left. And still we make our bed in the morning, wipe down the sink and the kitchen, and leave with the hope that today will be the day.

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Liz said...

I'm sorry you're having a hard time selling your house, and such a hard time living in it while it's on the market. I think having random strangers walk into my home unannounced would be part of my ultimate nightmare!

I know realtors readily give staging advice and strategies, but put yourself into the position of a buyer. If you saw some toys in the corner of the living room, or a child's bed that wasn't made - would that really put you off from buying the house? Most people looking at houses can see past those things, especially if the "larger" things that can't easily be changed (floor plan, kitchen cabinets, windows, etc) are in good condition and don't need major work.

I spent about 10 days looking at every house in my area I could conceivably see myself living in (and afford), and I saw some pretty scary things. Some places were dirty, most were cluttered, and a few were appalling. The most memorable was the house with the GIANT snake and the iguana (both in a terrarium, fortunately).

Good Luck, I hope someone walks in soon and thinks your house is just perfect. and buys it. quickly. :)