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May 18, 2009

Alone and Loving It

Today was an absolute disaster at work - I'll spare you the details, but there were definitely threats to chuck my computer out of the nearest window (which is not that near, sadly) - and gave up around 2 this afternoon, a good three hours early. I decided that what I needed was to start over. Everything I was working on could be done anywhere there was a computer and internet connection, so I brought a folder or two and a jump drive home in my purse, made myself a PB&J and spent the rest of the afternoon in my pajamas in bed. And I got more done in those three hours than I have in a week at work.

There was a decidedly rebel feeling about just leaving work to forge out on my own, and I relished the freedom that my bold choice gave me. If I were a true rebel, of course, I would have gone shopping or gone to the park or gone and smoked a cigarette behind a tobacco shop or something. But I am an honest person, generally, and so I worked diligently at home and finished several looming projects. What can I say. Even when I'm a rebel I'm still a goody-two-shoes.

The biggest adventure of the day, however, was a total surprise to me. I cannot adequately describe the thrill, the downright novelty of being home alone. As in, all by myself. I cannot remember the last time that happened! Patrick and I try to allow each other some "alone time" and alternate who runs the errands after the baby goes to bed (we live such exciting lives), so I have been all by myself recently, but not at home. This is subtle, but important. I was AT HOME. ALONE!

I cranked up my music and lounged in my bed without worrying that I would wake the baby or that he would discover electrical outlets or that Patrick would make fun of me for listening to my "coffeehouse mix" music. (I can only take so much Bruckner before I need a little teeny-bopper music to even my brain out.) It was just me and I could do as I pleased. And I did. And I was very pleased.

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