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May 5, 2009

Seven Months

It’s no secret that this has been a stressful month for my little family. Having your house on the market is no easy situation, as you are constantly cleaning and straightening and worrying about what it is you’re going to do with yourself if the house doesn’t sell. Poor Colin has spent a lot of time on my hip pacing around the house while I fretted over which pillows were more universally attractive on the guest bed (Answer: no one cares.) and if people would be turned off by laundry piles on the bed. (Answer: probably; better to just put it away and quit wasting time worrying about it.) I don’t think Colin noticed that he was sort of neglected this month since he served as my Instant Happy. Anytime I was near a meltdown over the house or the move or the delayed acceptance letter, I would go munch on his cheeks and he would laugh and squish his eyes closed and everything would be better. Maybe he’ll grow up to be a counselor or a social worker. I doubt people will find as much pleasure in chewing on his cheeks as I do, but he is quite good at making people feel better.


He is still thisclose to crawling, thought I’m not sure he has a lot of reason to figure it out since he is such an accomplished army crawler. I don’t think that he is lacking in mobility, especially since he is so good at finding the most dangerous thing in the room in less than 60 seconds, laughing all the way. Be it the edge of the bed, a collection of wires, or the stairs to the basement, he has an uncanny knack of heading straight for it. Once he figures out how to crawl on all fours, he will probably be able to outrun me. I shudder to think of what it’s going to be like when he learns to walk.

We tried some real, big people food this month for the first time. He liked the avocado immediately (and now tries to steal all of mine, the little mooch) and the strawberry on the second try. However, he was not at all fond of banana, even when mixed with sweet potato or apple, his two favorites. I am looking forward to introducing other foods to him, as he is not so much of a fan of baby food. Truthfully, neither am I. It is expensive and gross and did I mention that it is expensive? Mealtime is often a struggle because Colin gets rather impatient, demanding more and more food until he is suddenly FINISHED AND TIRED AND NEEDS A BOTTLE AND BED RIGHT NOW! Like so:


This month has revealed to Colin the wonders of bath time as well. And what, you ask, convinced him? Splashing! It was an Also Sprach Zarathustra moment when I sat him up in the bath, he reached down to bang on the water, and instead of making a loud noise like the floor does, water went everywhere and I screamed. To a baby, this = AWESOME. By the end of the bath, I looked like I had jumped into the sink with him and Colin could not have been more pleased with himself. This picture was during his last bath in the sink. He has now graduated to the bathtub so he can splash away and play with his floaty plastic sea creatures and poop in the tub that his mother bathes in instead of the sink where our dishes are washed. Doesn’t that seem better to you?


The biggest and probably best accomplishment of Colin’s this month, at least as far as his future allowances are concerned, is that he has fallen head over heels in love with his father. When he seems me, he smiles and sometimes laughs but often relaxes and snuggles in for food or snuggles. Or he starts fussing, which I take to mean that he feels that he can really talk to me about what’s wrong and trust that I can help him fix it. Or maybe he doesn’t like me anymore. That’s not my point, though. He is very cute when he sees me, but when he sees Patrick, his head explodes. The whole top half of his head hinges backwards due to his enormous, open-mouthed grin and he kicks and squirms and launches himself at his dad. Patrick tickles him and tosses him in the air and hangs him upside down and bounces him on his leg and Colin squeals with unadulterated delight. Every time this happens, my feelings of “maybe he doesn’t like me anymore” are completely and immediately overwhelmed by an almost oppressive love for them both. The more Patrick and Colin get to know and love each other, the more I love each of them and it takes everything I have to keep from taking them both in my arms and smashing them into my heart.


2 Readers rock!:

Long Family Chronicles said...

I am so happy for you guys! Yeah, Indy bound! I love the pictures of Colin too! So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

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Don't worry- they're all short, so you can quickly divert your attention back to Colin and his cuteness!

-WV Kate