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May 9, 2009

Switched at Birth

I don't think that it is possible that Colin is actually my child.

It doesn't matter that he looks just like Patrick, save the hair, which might have been directly transplanted from my own head. Or that he loves music as much as he loves me or that he is a champion sleeper just like Patrick. None of that matters, because today, I learned of proof that he cannot be related to me.

He doesn't like avocados.

I was talking to my good friend Julie last week about how to introduce big kid food to Colin. He already slams the baby food jars, and those things are expensive and bad for the environment (even though we recycle each and every one) so I've been trying to learn about how I can just feed him BANANAS instead of the super-overprocessed version. Also, I did not want to buy a baby food maker, as it seems to me that a blender or a fork could accomplish the same effect without spending any more money.

Julie is a pediatrician as well as mom to a 3 year old, so she was full of good advice, but then she said, "My dad gave me this book last year, and I read about 4 pages before forgetting all about it. You can have it if you want. Maybe it'll be useful."


And away we went.

So today I was flipping through reading all kinds of crazy things. Things like "You don't have to wait several days between introducing new foods" and "Don't worry about introducing foods separately. If the baby hasn't had a problem in the past, it is unlikely they will now."

These statements made me uncomfortable, as this book is the single, one and only place I have ever heard this, but I kept reading. There were all kinds of interesting "recipies" (I use quotes because I don't know if "Mash a banana with a fork and feed to your baby" technically qualifies.) for combining foods - like, the real hold in your hand foods - and I thought I'd try one out for Colin's lunch. Applesause (from a can - we're starting slow) and avocado.

It didn't sound all that appetizing to me, but they are both things that I love, and avocados are currently on sale so we bought approximately one thousand of them.

This was the result:

Avo Face

As I said: Unequivocal proof. Colin is not my son. There is some lady out there lamenting her luck and the child she previously thought to be her biological son demands avocado by the basketful and sings very, very loudly.


On second thought, forget I said anything.

5 Readers rock!:

barrie said...

Learned on Bones this week that all babies show very strong resemblance to father for first year possibly evolutionary tactic to prevent father from rejecting baby. Tell Colin I never liked avocados until Chipotles guac so there is hope :-)

The Shrink said...

"I did not want to buy a baby food maker, as it seems to me that a blender or a fork could accomplish the same effect without spending any more money."


In the UK it's common to give babies and toddlers what grown ups have. Indeed, increasingly there's evidence that baby food can be unhelpful since the kids then get used to the smooth paste so are more likely to become "fussy eaters" when proper food, with texture, is later introduced.

We were neurotic with our first, as all new parents are. We grew out of that with baby number 2 and by number 3, my one year old, she just eats what we do, now.

You need to be careful of choking hazards (e.g. grapes need to be cut into pieces so they don't occlude, and lettuce can apparently wrap up at the back of the oropharynx and they can't swallow/cough it up so is to be avoided) but with a bit of common sense, when weening, it's common practice in the UK to skip straight to the wee bundle simply sharing what ever the grown ups are having at the table (mashed up, if necessary).

Tiff said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! That second picture is AWESOME!

I too, like Barrie, did not like Avocados until Chipotle's guacamole!

Long Family Chronicles said...

When you get to Indy, we can have a babyfood making party with my baby food maker and you can take lots home to freeze!

XE said...

Baby food is soooo overrated. I'm with Shrink, just mash up some normal person food! (That's what I fed Nora when she was little -- I was responsible for looking after her quite a bit, and it was really easy to find safe big people foods for babies).