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Jun 2, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Whose website is this anyway and why did the person fall off the edge of the earth? Who just leaves their lovely, adoring audience hanging like that?


I'm sorry. I've missed you. I have a whole load of posts to write, all sketched out and everything. But we've been so crazy busy and out of town and did I mention busy and last night we got food poisoning and were up all night evacuating our entire systems from every orifice available, which was really very unpleasant. So now, I'm sprawled out on the couch drinking diet ginger ale and begging your forgiveness.

Let me hit you with the highlights of the last week. (Ack! Sorry...)

1. I finished my research job! There was cake and gifts and some nice words were said, then I turned around and walked out of that hospital for the last time. It was refreshing.

2. Colin transitioned onto table food! I hate the baby food in jars and while I recognize the need for some pureed to hell food while they are getting used to eating food, I'm over it. More importantly, Colin is over it and has started rejected the baby food in favor or actual strawberries and crackers and the like. It is not only cheaper and easier, it is also unbelievably cute.

3. Colin turned 8 months old! The update is one of the posts that is drafted, but then Food Exodus '09 happened...

4. We bought a house yesterday! The closing went well, with only one minor hitch, but it's over and we now own two houses. We close here in Lex on the 9th, so let's hope those lovely Buyers (<3) show up, as we can't afford two mortgages.

In other news, the Best Nephew Ever continues to live up to his name, the Baby Mama (Toddler Mama?) and her lovely hubby are gracious folks who let us move into their house for many, many weekends without any audible complaint, and Littlest Sister is a high school grad!

Times are good! If only we can keep down our Ginger Ale. I will keep you informed as to how that goes.

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