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Jul 13, 2009

This is Kinda Like Studying

My goodness, my friends. 5:45 am does come awfully early, doesn't it? And that early rising time leaves little evening time for anything at all, much less writing or studying.

We come home from work. We play with Colin, we feed Colin. Colin goes to bed. We fix dinner, eat it, try to find the floor of the living room where Colin was playing, and then we find ourselves at bedtime. Where does it come from, all sneaky like that? Tonight, bedtime came and went and here I am, on the couch with Wiki open to teratomas (which my patient just found out is NOT the correct diagnosis, but I am guessing will be my line of interrogation in the morning) trying to cram a few things in before the day's end, but really I am aching to write to you. I have things to tell you and reflections to share.

But it's this LIFE business. It keeps pressing on, no matter that I need an hour or so to write about it.

I promise to make time for you soon, my friends.

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Tiffany said...

I understand. It never seems to stop. That's how it is for us during the school year...thank God, as teachers, we have 2 months off to relax.