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Aug 27, 2009


You know, sometimes I miss being single. It’s not often that I have these thoughts, but I am having a little rebellious phase right now and I’ve got the itch to make my own decisions without having to consult anybody else. I’m feeling really claustrophobic and smothered and there is no way around it because I am stuck in this marriage, stuck with this husband who insists on being all involved in my life.

What could possibly be eliciting such a response, you ask?

I’ve been re-arranging the furniture and thinking about new colors for walls and Patrick DARES to have an opinion contrary to mine.

I have been working on this for months in my head, reading design magazines, following decorating blogs, and been really, really looking forward to trying out some new arrangements. Tonight our dinner guests canceled so it was perfect timing for a little experimentation. My experiments always start the same way. Here is tonight’s outcome:

I start pacing around with the measuring tape.

Patrick, who knows the signs well, goes for a nap, citing headache. Whatever.

I shove and pull and heave and ho the furniture from one room to another, trying to be quiet enough to avoid waking the baby but loud enough to keep Patrick from sleeping. After all, he could get up and help, right? I work for hours, adjusting, pacing, re-doing, more pacing, and finally adding finishing touches. I stand back to admire my various accomplishments.

Patrick staggers out of the bedroom, bleary and crusty from his long sleep. “Where’d that table come from?” he slurs as he attempts to brush his teeth without opening his eyes.

“That’s what your computer was sitting on.” I offer dryly.

“Well what’s it doing in here?”

I can’t even answer. He has no sense of design.

I change the subject, thinking that if I shared with him one of the colors I picked, this one for the living room, perhaps he would be overwhelmed and go back to bed, inadvertently agreeing to my choice. It is a lovely color from Sherwin Williams called “Doeskin”. (In truth, I find the name super creepy, but let’s all assume that the skin is still attached to a happy, frolicking doe, yes? Yes.)

Patrick peels back an eyelid and scans the color card.

“It reminds me of cat puke.”

Ah, to be single again.

5 Readers rock!:

GradStudent said...

color names are indeed a mystery. I picked a color called "Happy Trails" for my living room... excuse me? who comes up with these things?! (I know. Roy Rogers. but there's those other happy trails...)

just an fyi when you go out to buy the colors - I went to an actual paint store (NOT HomeD*pot or L*we's) and I just picked whatever color I liked from any palette. Unfortunately, most of the colors I liked were from the Benjamin Moore historical collection (you should check it out. great colors!), but a gallon is 50 bucks or so. The paint people matched my 50 dollar colors with some good old 22 dollar gallons of paint and the colors look great.

also - i first bought the top of the line paint at H*ome D*epot (it was on sale and there was a rebate) and was sorely disappointed. It was terrible to paint with, it was runny and streaky and just a headache.

Good Luck with the paint. and with Patrick.

barrie said...

That is pretty much exactly the color I painted the inside, people part of the kennel where I used to work. It is GREAT in that it doesn't really show dog (or I would assume kid) dirt at all but I have to say I got really sick of it and it always made me think of a hospital room :-(

Long Family Chronicles said...

I am laughing out loud!! Cat puke, LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Perhaps he needs to see it with SW's color visualizer.

Anonymous said...
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