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Sep 1, 2009

The 30 Day Shred - Again

Ahoy, there! It is a new month and with this new month comes a fresh 30 days in which to Shred. Armed with a sparkly new inhaler to use before doing any cardio workout, I have been reassured that I will not die and encouraged to get back on the Cardio horse, so to speak.

I kept a 30 Day Shred journal last month but never published it. This time, just to keep myself honest (and hopefully provide a laugh or two) I will update THIS post every day as to how my Shred is going. I’m even going to do the measurement and pictures thing this time. (No promises that I’ll post the pictures. I’m a modest girl. Sometimes.)

I’m excited about getting back into exercise, especially being the last month in Colin’s first year. There is a very real pressure to be “back to normal” after a full twelve months of infant externa and that is motivation enough for me to break out that DVD and work it out.

Who’s with me?!

Day 1: Sept. 1, Level 1
Okay! Not as bad as I feared and Hoo, boy those two little puffs of magic sure make a difference. Instead of gasping for breathe after the set of warm-up jumping jacks (isn't that humiliating?) the only thing I had to rest from was the push ups. BUT I was doing them properly, not with bent legs. All in all, I am really excited to see what this post-partum, air breathing body can do. Also, I am stoked that XE will be joining me on the 30 Day Shred this time around. Yay team!

Day 2: Sept. 2, Level 1
Um, yeah. So I KNOW that it is way too early to be making excuses for not exercising. I KNOW. I know it's only myself that I'm hurting. But I painted my whole kitchen today! By myself! And then proceeded to have the busiest and most stressful afternoon and evening of recent memory, sitting down for the first time at 9pm after not eating all day. Is that any time to work out? No. No it is not. And so I ate dinner and DIDN'T WORK OUT. I KNOW. Tomorrow is a new day. Day 3, as a matter of fact. Maybe I'll try to work in 2 sessions tomorrow.

2 Readers rock!:

XE said...

Hey Katie! What a coincidence, I'm re-starting the 30 day shred today too! (The past 8 days have been completely nuts, and my workout suffered). We can do it together! Yippee!

XE said...

Go you! Go ventolin!

I too skipped a workout, and I probably won't have time to do one today. Eek. I'll for sure for sure for sure do it tomorrow though! I like this whole blogging progress thing, I'll have to do the same to keep me on track!