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Sep 12, 2009


I am having one of those days. You know the kind of day I mean, the kind of day when the possibilities seem endless and you can’t make a decision because you can’t bear to close the doors on the other choices. It’s the kind of day that makes everything you’ve been working for seem like a simple exercise before you up and switch to something else, something entirely different. It’s one of those days.

Today, I feel like medicine is too noble a calling for me and that I should spend my time perusing art and design websites and looking for new prints to hang in the nursery.

Instead of an office where I practice medicine, I think that I should have a lovely studio apartment somewhere, painted in the brightest white and filled with colorful, simple, and beautiful things with a little balcony that holds a cast iron table and chairs with peeling white paint. I would sit there and create things, write, drink black tea, and breathe the lovely outside air. I would pretend that I am living in Paris and that I never worry about money. When the kettle boils, the cat would run inside to investigate and I would follow, flicking the radio on as I go, tuning to something light and cheerful.

Today, I want to simply enjoy things that are beautiful. Is that not noble also?

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martha said...

I forgot to ask, did you take ancient old cat with you from Lexington????