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Oct 21, 2009


I have not forgotten you, but I do seem to have lost my marbles.

Here is the news:

Surgery is long. Being in the OR is among the best things ever, but it is constantly ruined by the Jerk Face surgeons who are also in the OR. This has happened several times now and I have a whole post working about it wherein I discuss eloquently how grown men act like little girls in a sandbox.

Colin is still cute and still perfect. No change there.

I think I have gained five pounds already on surgery because I live on the graham crackers and soda in the patient nutrition room and I find this horribly embarrassing.

Today I lost my temper with one of the attendings. I told him that he was an insensitive, arrogant, abrasive old dinosaur and that I didn't appreciate his offensive way of communicating. I may never have been so angry in my whole life and it is a gift from God that I didn't cry into the opened belly of this poor patient over whose body this altercation occurred. Afterward, he told me that he liked me because I "didn't take any shit from anybody" and, while it did not change my opinion of him, it did change my opinion of myself. More on this later also.

We are considering getting a NANNY and I am terrified to become one of THOSE PEOPLE.

I get to work at 5:00am. That is seven hours from now. I am really, really tired.

4 Readers rock!:

Dragonfly said...

*Hugs*. Glad the surgeon reacted that way though! Hopefully things look up!

tracy said...

Yay!!! You told an obnoxious surgeon off...way to go!!! You are very brave!

(Too bad you're not working with Dr. Gwande! You could play "hang man" while waiting for pathology reports!)

Janka said...

I died laughing reading about your adventures in the surgeonland - not at you, but because it felt so familiar.

Stereotypes are evil, but I think we all know where the ones about surgeons come from, anyway.

Long Family Chronicles said...

Way to tell him how it is!! Go KT!! They need to be put in their place!