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Nov 3, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Friday began a ten day break for me from the grueling hours of surgery, taking the form of anesthesia rotation. It is blissful, so wonderful in its 7am – 1pm hours, so encouraging in its “Let the student try first” attitude. I worked for a morning and did more than in a month on surgery. It’s great.

And, since I’m home in time for lunch every day, I have every intention of being productive. Haircut Monday, cat to the vet Tuesday, doctor appointment Wednesday, meeting with important mentor-type person Thursday. At some point I will study for the exam, but not yet. For now, I’m rediscovering my maternal, homemaker side.

For example, on Saturday, I made a pie. No, really, I did! Like, in the oven!


I rolled out the dough and spent approximately six hours (unfortunately, that it not really an exaggeration) trying to get it in the dish. I very well might never make a pie crust again. Horrible, evil things, pie crusts.

Also, since it was Halloween, after all, I carved a pumpkin and dressed up my little one in ridiculous garb. Oh, how I loved it, but the poor child was miserable.

Candy Corn

That is the best photo I got, and trust me, there were a lot of choices. He was okay with his costume as long as the hood part wasn’t up. But the second his head was covered he writhed and screamed. So it didn’t last too long. Instead we switched to a pumpkin sweatshirt, courtesy of The Best Nephew Ever.

Mama and 2 pumpkins

Shortly thereafter, Patrick ate the first piece of Halloween candy of the year. He bought he candy weeks ago and we were so, so proud of ourselves that we didn’t get into it early. Then Patrick had to go and break our record by eating this candy at 5:30. I think he looks rather like Jaws from James Bond. Am I wrong?


Next year, we’ll walk around on a hunt for candy, but this year we stayed home, Colin greeted kids at the door with his favorite words: "HI!" and "YEAH!" His enthusiasm never dies and I think we distracted some of the kids from our candy with his raw pleasure at having someone to say "HI!" and "YEAH!" to. That is, until he had an epic meltdown at 6:30 and went promptly to bed, which left Patrick and I to growl at kids for trick-or-treating without costumes. Each time the doorbell rang the dogs barked and the baby woke up, and it was usually some teenager dressed as a "skater" or a "rapper". So we turned our light out early, hid in the back room, and ate candy, telling stories of past Halloweens and planning Colin’s costume for next year, when he’ll have enough teeth to be eligible for candy consumption.


Growing up is so much fun.

5 Readers rock!:

tracy said...

i love it! Colin looks adorable as Candy Corn, too bad he didn't feel adorable. So happy you had some free time for family and errands...hope you "stole" a little for yourself...you most definately deserve it! Maybe you even snuck in a nap...? Naw... :)

tracy said...

Ummmmmm, did Doc Patrick bother to take to take the wrapper off the candy befoer chomping down?

barrie said...

I thought about you guys when I was doing my canine Halloween stuff :-)

Tiff said...

OH, I LOVE the candy corn costume!

XE said...

Oh, the costume is candy corn! Here I was thinking it was one of the fish from Finding Nemo... haha I'm, uh, special sometimes.

Love the pumpkin sweater!