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Nov 30, 2009

Not Awful Again

Our thanksgiving was so busy I don't even have the energy to write it all out. In total, we had five "thanksgivings", which I think - I'm going out on a limb here - might be too many, especially with a precocious and rambunctious toddler. I am completely exhausted and when I rolled into work at 6am this morning yawning and the resident said, "You've been off for the last four days! Why are you yawning?" I may have bit his head off. Trust me, it was not without proper cause.

Someone who also deserves to have their head removed but I have not mustered up the proper rage is Cheap and Close. Today upon walking in to pick Colin up I discovered him in a short-sleeved t-shirt and a diaper. And nothing else. I think she doesn't know how diapers work, since Colin has a "Poo Blow-Out" at least three times a week there, yet has never, ever had one at home. Anyway, she said it was my fault that he was only in a diaper because I hadn't brought any new clothes to replace the three spare outfits that she went through in November after "Poo Blow-Outs". For the love of all things chocolate I cannot wait to get out of there.

Surgery is kicking along well and I still love being in the OR. I don't think any force on the planet could convince me to do a general surgery residency, so I am looking forward to my OB rotation more and more. I have wanted to do OB for the last three years and am really counting on the rotation not changing my mind. Also, I hope to not look like a fool and possibly even to look interested, helpful, and smart. We'll see how all that plays out.

I had planned to get through my whole surgery review book over Thanksgiving Break. I opened it for ten minutes last night to fill out a worksheet for small group this morning. I am such a slacker. I should have it tattooed on my forehead; perhaps, though I could promote myself to Not Awful. It was my motto throughout first two years, as you may remember. There is no reason to abandon it now.

Katie the Med Student: Not Awful.

It's catchy, no? By George, I might have just started on my personal statement.

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