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Dec 13, 2009

Bullet Points


I'm going to need to revert to bullet points. It's been too long and my brain seems to have taken a smoke break.

  • I have my General Surgery shelf on Tuesday and I have, in all honesty, barely studied. This may be really, really bad and I hate that feeling and so I'm really stressed. So, obviously, I thought I'd come and write about it instead of sitting down with a book (or a computer file) and actually study. I'm logical like that.
  • I cut off the last of Colin's baby curls today. I trimmed up the back a week or so before Thanksgiving in order to rid him of the dreaded Baby Mullet, but I left the adorable side curls. This left him looking like a short and very well nourished George Washington, which was completely adorable. However, the curls kept growing, as hair is wont to do, and stopped being curly so he ended up with these two long bits on the side of his head. I hacked them off today and stood back to see if they were even. There was this grown up kid sitting there looking back at me where my little scraggly baby had been a moment before. I scrambled for glue.
  • Surgery ended up being a pretty tough rotation and I'm glad for it. Now I really don't want to go into it. People that you think are nice and trustworthy end up being COMPLETELY INSANE and that is not a pleasant situation. Mostly, surgeons are in the belly and I don't really like constantly asking and thinking about people's eating and bowel habits. Also, I am kinda lazy and I would rather hang out with my kid than with The Team, which is apparently contradictory to what Surgeons like. So, yeah. I'm not going to be a surgeon. My family and friends rejoice! If I haven't mentioned it, I really don't want to take this exam either.
  • I start OB on Wednesday and I am SO EXCITED. I finally found out my placement and I think it is going to be great. I'm so excited that I keep forgetting that I have this dumb exam between me and AWESOMENESS.
  • I have somehow managed to injure my shoulder. I think it was all the retracting. It's definitely musculoskeletal, but I can't tell if it's muscular or skeletal. Patrick says that's why they group the two together. I'm actually considering going to the doctor for it, but I can't decide if I am actually in that much pain or if my brain is trying to come up with another reason to not study for this exam on Tuesday. Patrick is on call tonight and therefore is not here to rub the knots and kinks out of my dumb shoulder and so instead I am stuck trying to rub it on corners of the wall like a damn cat. Ugh, my life is so difficult.
  • I have had our Christmas cards for two weeks and they are still sitting in a box in the living room. I might not get to them this year. They'll be cute for next year too, right? There's a picture of Colin on the card and it's already totally outdated - I think it's from July, he's wearing short sleeves and an outfit that I packed up into the "Too Small" bin untold months ago - so I think that maybe it will still be cute next year. Or the year after. By then it'll be Retro and cool again, right?
  • I'm trying to teach Colin to say "Ho Ho Ho!" but so far we get "choo choo!" which is reasonably close in phonetics but a pretty far cry away as far as meaning goes. The kid loves trains and so everything sounds like a train, behaves like a train, "talks" like a train. Still, though: adorable.
  • Colin's favorite part of the day is turning on the Christmas tree lights. It's my favorite part of the day too. After he gets a new diaper I put him down and he runs as fast as his short legs will take him into the living room and points at the dark tree. I try to make it into a game. "Let's turn on the lights! Ready? One... two... three!" Cue lights. Colin laughs, claps, and says, "choo chooooo!"
  • Patrick's favorite part of the day is when Colin plays with his cars, as he has started making shifting transmission noises as he runs them around. (Does that even make sense? It's like: vrooooOOOOOM, vrooooOOOOOOOOOOm, VROOOOOOM. You know?) Patrick thinks that this is a sign that his genes are in there somewhere and he looks forward to a lifetime of talking about cars. I am thankful that my turn may be up.
  • Seriously, how cute is this kid?


7 Readers rock!:

tracy said...

Wonderful post, covering so many topics, thank you soooo much!

i bet Colin looked like a little Hasidic Jewish boy with his ear locks...too cute! We didn't cute our Sam's long back curls off until he was two...so many people thought he was a girl...we didn't care, he was just sooo cute. (he's 18 now and yes, he needs a haircut!)

Loved hearing about Colin and the Christmas tree...must be such a treat each night. So Magical.

Good luck with the Shelf...although you probably don't need it! Smart girl! :)

tracy said...

PS So sorry about your shoulder...get better soon!

Alykat said...

Cutest kid ever! :)

XE said...

Obs!! I am super excited for you, so go kick some surgery exam bum so that you can go get your labouring mommas on!
(That made... no sense. Oh well, you know what I mean).

barrie said...

Oh he's starting to look like you :-) Merry, merry, happy, happy to Myra, Sally, Emma, Julius and especially Pickle :-)

Katie said...

Katie, I miss you! I love reading all the updates on your life (and seeing pictures of Colin!). Hope OB has started off wonderfully for you!

Dragonfly said...

This is the bit where I say "is he at that stage ALREADY?" Time flies. He is so cute.