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Dec 23, 2009


Would you allow me to share some of the more ridiculous moments of my life recently? Of course you would; who doesn’t like laughing at other people’s idiocy.

1. Patrick and I went to a party last night about 30 minutes away from our house. We each went after work, but we met in the Target parking lot so that we could go together and wouldn’t be early. We had a great time, stayed too late, and headed home. About 5 minutes from our house, we remembered that we’d driven separately.

2. I made a gingerbread house tonight. Well, technically I decorated several pieces of pre-baked and pre-cut gingerbread using pre-packaged candies and icing from a kit. It took me forever and I cursed at it for the entire hour I attempted to do the roof. Just now I looked up and the cat was eating the icing “shingles”. Cat stew for dinner, I think.

3. From this same gingerbread house kit came a snowman piece to put in front of the house. Sadly, my snowman became more of a Sunni militant, complete with turban and automate weapon. He has M&Ms for a head covering and a scarf. Woos.

4. I’ve only sent out half of my Christmas cards. Only two of my sisters have gotten theirs. Doubtful those will happen until next week.

5. I had a lecture this morning with my five classmates and it was the kind of lecture where the professor quizzes the whole time and writes your responses on the board so you end up feeling like you actually did that lecture. (Except not really because you would never have thought that all those things were related to each other.) During this session one of my classmates – one of the five other people – spent the session looking things up in a book and calling out the answers. He tried to play it cool by not looking at the book while calling out the sentence in the book, word for word, but it was obscenely obvious. Afterwards, I turned to him and said, “Seriously! You’re going to make us all look bad by reading off the answers out of the book?” He looked at at me and said that he didn’t appreciate his classmate being so competitive and grumpy.

6. Today in a patient’s room I was trying to convince the woman to stay in the hospital (she wanted to leave Against Medical Advice – AMA). In talking to her, I stood from the bed, went to cross sides, and tripped and fell onto my face. Do you have any idea how disgusting labor and delivery room floors are?

7. I forgot to take Cheap and Close’s gift to her today, and we won’t be there next week, so it was awkward when she was saying goodbye and showering Colin with gifts and we had nothing for her. Santa was watching her be a jerk, apparently.

1 Readers rock!:

Dragonfly said...

L+D can be gorey. I will never forget seeing one of my friends holding a placenta that went all over his favourite shirt. He never wore it again....